Cruise Control

Cruise control is a system that controls the speed of vehicles. It utilises a clever system that regulates your engine to keep your car driving at a set speed. It’s a system that you have to manually activate, and when you do it takes control of the accelerator and adjusts the power input automatically to maintain the speed you select – it will even sense when you’re going up hills and deliver more power when necessary.

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How to use cruise control

You have to press a button with a cruise control symbol mark on it. To switch it on: a speedometer symbol with an arrow pointing to a speed set.
By using the following buttons, the most common way of operating it is:


Set Set Push this to activate the device. The pace at which the car is doing it will be preserved.


Unsubscribe Not the off switch, but a button that, for instance, only stops the machine if you get stuck behind a slower vehicle. By touching the brake pedal, the same thing is done.

Either Res or Resume

Press this to reactivate the cruise control after it has been paused. The vehicle will return to the velocity you originally set.

Up and Down (also + and -)

These change the fixed speed of the system. For eg, if you are on a highway and enter a set of roadworks with a lower speed limit, you can press the minus button to decrease the set speed.

By using the vehicle’s pedals, you can still avoid it: pressing the brake will stop the system immediately and slow the car in exactly the same way as if the system was off. Pressing the accelerator will raise the speed of the engine. The system will normally stay on and return the car to its set speed when you take your foot off the accelerator.

When to use cruise control

It may be ill-advised to use it late at night, as having little to do behind the wheel when you’re low on energy could lead to concentration losses or worse.

A simple cruise system is best on short, empty highways, such as motorways or A-roads, where you can keep driving at the same speed for miles at a time.

For winding highways, where you have to slow down for corners or variable speed traffic, it is not well suited. You can find it easier to control your own speed or to use a speed limiter, which is often mounted in cruise-controlled cars if you have adaptive cruise control.

It may be ill-advised to use it late at night, as having little to do behind the wheel when you’re low on energy could lead to concentration losses or worse.


Product specification

Product name Cruise control
Switch typePush-button
Condition New 
Quality High quality
Colour Black 
Connector wire harnessyes
Size OEM standard
Fitmentcivic fit city jazz
Warranty 36 months
Price Ex-factory price

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