Car Fuse

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What is car fuse?

Car fuse is the safety device that protects your car from excessive electric current. Each and every circuit in the car is secured by its own fuse. An overloaded wire without a fuse may melt or catch fire. Multiple larger fuses with high Amp ratings cover multiple or high-current circuits, such as electric power steering and radiator fan circuits. There is at least one primary fuse as well.


Types of car fuses

As mentioned above fuse is a device that is designed to protect the electrical system against damage. Basically, in common there are 3 types of fuses that we are going to discuss.

Blade Type Fuses

Blade type fuses are easily recognizable as they have a plastic body and two metal points. All petrol-based vehicles use a blade fuse type. They come in six different sizes with a current rating from 1 ampere up to 100 amperes. These type of fuse are transparent or translucent in nature.

Bosch fuses

Bosch fuses are most popular in old European cars. These can be easily identified by their conical ends and the physical dimension size of 6*25 mm. The other name for these fuses are 6AC, GBC or Torpedo fuses. The Ampere degree is indicated by the intensity of the fuse and follows 72581/1 DIN standards. If you have an earlier European model of car, it may have a Bosch fuse.

Glass Tube Fuses

Glass tube fuse or cylindrical fuses are mostly found in the American manufacturing of cars till 1986. The size of the glass tube fuse is 1/4 inch in diameter but varied in length and was named with the AG suffix for 'automotive glass'. For example, 1AG, 3AG, 7AG, 8AG, SFE fuses etc. mostly glass fuses are available in a rating of 1A TO 30A Glass Tube Fuses are still produced for a range of different applications. If you have a car that was made in 1986 or earlier in Northern America, it may include a Glass Tube Type Fuse.

Car Fuse box and location

In most of the vehicles there, are two fuse boxes. The first one is placed in the engine section. That is mostly used to protect the engine parts such as the engine control unit, cooling system and anti-lock brake pump. The second one is mostly found in the cabin area or under the dashboard. And helps to protect the interior electrical items. Car fuse box replacement isn’t usually required unless the vehicle has undergone physical damage or electrical problems.


How to check a car fuse with a multimeter?

With a multimeter, there are two ways to check a fuse. The primary way is to measure the voltage at both pins (blades) of the fuse. The top portion of both pins of a small fuse in a car project through the top of the fuse. This helps you to check the voltage on both sides of the fuse without removing it.

Then, set the multimeter to DC (Direct Current). Attach the COM terminal to the negative battery terminal or a metal component attached to the chassis or body of the car. Turn the ignition key to the ON place and apply the parking brake. Since not all fuses are activated. When the ignition is switched off, the ignition must be turned on. Check the voltage on both sides of each fuse with the positive probe. A fuse is nothing more than an electrical conductor. The fuse is fine if both sides display 12 Volt.

Product specification

Product name Car fuses
Material Copper, PVC bras 
Size specification
Rated voltage 32V-250V
Usage Automotive
Type Waterproof fuse block 
Rated current 100A/200A
Packaging type Box 
Quantity 1-100 (To be negotiated)
Colour Colourful 

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