Car AC Condenser

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AC condenser is a radiator install within the grille of the car and the engine radiator. The vaporous coolant releases warmth and returns to a liquid state in the condenser. The condenser thus condenses from a gas to a liquid refrigerant.

Car air conditioner condenser for sale

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Here get a detailed inquiry on product specification of car AC condenser for sale.


Product specification

Product type Car AC Condenser
Material Aluminum
Voltage AC 12V
Application/uses Automotive sector
Fuel type Diesel/Petrol
Thickness 5 to 15 mm
Filter type Cartridge filter
Automation grade Manual
Condition New
Min order quantity 1

How often should you replace the car ac condenser?

The condenser does not usually need maintenance as long as it produces cold air. As it is for other air conditioning equipment. In order to preserve cooling efficiency, some mechanics recommend regularly checking the condenser for signs of damage or corrosion and externally cleaning or internal flush.

The cost for air-conditioning repairs or replacement will depend on how much you have to fix and/or restore the average cost for car repairs, as well as the cost to make the car. Normally, it should cost between $400 to $900 to replace the condenser, with about $200 to $400 of this going towards labor and the remainder for parts.

AC condenser fan has been designed to keep the condenser cold, allowing it to covert gas into a liquid to ensure the proper functioning of the AC system. The entire AC system can cause problems due to a defective fan. Typically when the condenser fan has broken, the vehicle displays certain signs.

Symptoms of a Bad Car AC Condenser

When the car AC condenser creates problems or not working in a proper way, it will send some indication. Here we share the various symptoms of the car AC condenser problem. Those indicate if something went wrong with the AC condenser for a car. Usually, these parts of the cars remove the heat & maintain the temperature.

Lukewarm water getting out from the vents

The very first thing you will notice if your AC condenser is failing. The AC condenser must be inspected for obstructors or defects which cause airflow restrictions when you expect cool air instead of a tubular rake. The entire system cannot work at its highest efficiency if the flow of gas and fluids is disrupted there.

Coolant leaks

The AC condenser contains a high-pressure refrigerant, which makes it more sensitive to leaks if the portion has a risk. Leaks due to failing dresses are a natural part of the condenser's aging, but before all coolant leaks out of the device the whole part should be replaced.

Causes of a bad condenser

A defective condenser is also due to trash inside which either blocks the coolant flow or passes through the coolant and damages the components on the AC device. Sometimes this scrap comes from a damaged AC compressor that releases into the machine metallic fragments. If that is the issue, replacement is needed both for the AC compressor and the AC condenser. If humidity leaks in the seals into the device.

Bad A/C Condenser Triggers

AC condenser failure is primarily due to the simple wear and tear of the dressings and pipes on the aged component. The entire condenser device has to be replaced as the seals cannot be replaced alone.

Burning smell

When the A/C device is unable to release the heat, the temperatures of all parts will gradually rise to a point where components start to burn and smell when the AC is switched on.


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