Air Conditioner Blower

As  part of the air conditioning system, the air conditioner blower or fan is one of the main element. The blower’s work is to generate air movement into the space that is being adapted. They are the propeller fan, centrifugal fan, vane-axial fan and tube-axial fan.


Role of Air Conditioner Blower

The AC blower motor is charged with turning the fan, which allows air to pass through the AC system. This lets airflow over the evaporator coils, among other things, a process that helps the refrigerant to absorb heat and move it outside the building.

It pushes air through the ductwork as well and provides every space with plenty of cool air. As a consequence, the blower motor is an utterly necessary component of any AC device. If the blower motor is not running, your AC system will not work.

Air Conditioner Blower replacement cost

The  cost to replace an air conditioner blower motor ranges approx from $499 to $1875. There are two primary functions of the blower motor: to blow hot air out of the vents and to circulate air inside the engine. It is necessary for the heating and cooling method of your car to work. Your AC will not operate as it should until it begins to malfunction.

When to get blower motor replacement

To say if your blower motor is going out, there are some signs you should look for. First of all, you will probably find that when you turn on the heater in your car, the air is not warm. You will also find that the air does not flow as it should be. This may mean that a blockage exists or it could mean that the engine is failing.

When you turn it on, the AC device can make strange noises and after using it may sound like it doesn’t work at all. And When the AC system is malfunctioning, you can still run the air, but you’ll probably soon miss the hot and cold air. The engine fails, it is best not to attempt to operate the heating-cooling system, as it induces further action.


You would be able to enjoy warm air during the cooler times of the year. If you get this issue resolved. When the climate is cold outside, you can stay warm and cosy, making your car a comfortable place to be. With a repaired blower engine, you can also enjoy improved airflow. Know that this engine is responsible for moving air around the vehicle, so you’ll get cool air right at the vents once it goes.

Wipe clean the vents

It is not as easy as it sounds to wipe the vents. The narrow slit makes it difficult to access the vents' inner sections where dirt accumulates. Due to its elastic properties, experts recommend using a foam paintbrush, while the relatively thin but durable brush handle enables its users to further insert it to clean hard-to-reach areas. Remember that doing this will force some of the dirt down the ducts and into the AC filter, which is all right because at a later time you will clean it.

Clean the filter in the cabin

It's a little difficult to clean the cabin filter because it is different from one car to another. But it is normally situated behind the glove compartment, in general. First, remove all the things in the glove compartment for the first time. You will then have to find and carefully disconnect all the pegs connecting the glove compartment to the dashboard, and only then will you have complete access to the cabin filter. Car owners should change the air filter every 12,000 to 15,000 km, or at least once a year. But if the budget does not afford the purchase of a new cabin air filter, it can be taken out and cleaned to blow off the dust using an air compressor.

Brush/wipe the supporters

Here comes the tough part now. Ensure that the engine of your car has been off for some time. Pop the hood and check for the air conditioning condenser fan of the car that is normally just behind the condenser itself (perpendicular to the bumper). Simply clean the fan blades if you can reach them quickly. That would be easier if you were able to uninstall it from the engine bay. Just be sure that you know how to bring it back together.

Sprinkle the condenser

Cleaning your car's condenser, which is the mesh-like part just behind the grille/front bumper, is another challenge. And yes, in order to reach it, some cars can require you to remove the bumper itself. The positive thing about this is that you can easily spray it with water to clean the dirt and air-dry it once you have access to it. As it can trigger a short circuit, be careful not to wet the other wires in the engine bay. You should expect to feel an increase in the efficiency of the air conditioning system of your car after doing all this cleaning. But don't forget to read your car's manual and study about it to prevent some discomfort until dismantling any.

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