An actuator is a device used to run machine equipment by generating force. This device is creating the physical moment by creating mechanical energy, the energy source may be electric, hydraulic, and fuel.

The working process of the actuator is similar to the functionality of the human body. Such as various parts of body consume the energy at the time of motion. Similarly, the actuator work in the same manner.

This device is present almost in all kinds of machines with a simple electronic access control system. Such as household appliances, electric motors, jackscrews, and other devices.

In other words, we can say an actuator is a mechanical or electro-mechanical device that offers complete control on the movement of the device which operates electrically. Manually or with the help of fuel energy. So the control signal & source of energy is the basic needs of an actuator. Actuators use this energy to provide the motion after receiving the signal. The control system may be different such as manual, electronic, mechanical, or software-based.

Our organization deals in the various categories of actuators for sale in all available brands. But before getting the detailed information & inquiry of the products. Here we share the information on types of actuators.

Actuator for sale- Product detail

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Product specification

Product Type Actuators
Availability All makes & models
Power 50 W
Rated load 250 lb
Rated speed 9 in/min
Torque 1000 N
Color Optional
Pressure High pressure
Condition New
Min order quantity 1

Types of actuator

The actuator is mainly two types the first one is linear actuator & the other is a rotary actuator. All other types of actuators come under these two main categories. Here get information on various types of actuators for sale.

Mechanical actuator

The mechanical actuators work with rotary motion or linear motion & generate the energy for the movements in parts. Such as in the lifting system they used to lift the load. The functionality of mechanical actuators mainly depends on the combination of the structure of their components. Such as chain, rails, gear, pulley, etc.

Hydraulic actuators

Hydraulic actuators use hydraulic power to generate a mechanical motion with the help of a cylinder or fluid motor. A hydraulic actuator creates a large force while it is compressing or lifting anything. When the fluid enters the lower chamber the pressure increases the force. Also, the downside of this actuator, they have many external parts which protect against fluid leakage.

Pneumatic actuators

These actuators convert the form of energy from compressed air to mechanical motion. When the compressed or pressurized gas enters the chamber they create pressure inside. Once the force of pressure goes above the required pressure, the atmospheric pressure generates the kinetic energy for the movement of parts.

Electric linear actuator

Electric linear actuators run on the electricity & turn that energy into straight-line motion. They have various push & pull functionality that works to the linear motion using mechanical transmission, thermal expansion, or electromagnetism. These actuators mainly used at the place where we do tilting, pulling, pushing, or lifting. They are more famous for their smooth motion control & precision.

Electric rotary actuator

Electric rotary actuators used to convert electric energy into rotary motion. These actuators used for industrial applications in a wide range. Also, the electric actuator required at the work such as motor functionality, voice coils, intended application, mounting configuration, drive method, etc.

Electromechanical actuators

In electromechanical actuators, an electric motor used to create a mechanical force which controls by the knob or handle. You can find various designs, make & manufacture electromechanical actuators with great accuracy. The longer life cycle & the low maintenance is the best feature of these actuators.

Electrohydraulic actuators

The electrohydraulic actuator comes under the self-contained actuators which work on the electric power. These types of actuators used to run electric power construction, multi-turn valves, or other large equipment. They are also beneficial to simplifying the system configuration & enhancing reliability or safety.

Thermal actuators

A non-electric motor that produces linear motion according to the temperature change we called thermal actuators. The piston & temperature-sensitive materials are the main components of this product. The thermal-sensitive materials of this product indicate when the piston will start its job.

Magnetic actuators

Magnetic actuators are a kind of actuator that uses magnetic effects to create motion in various components. That kind of actuator mainly used in the electromagnetic actuator, moving coil, moving iron, moving magnet actuator.

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