Anti-Lock Braking System For Car

ABS or we can say anti-lock braking system for car & bike prevent the wheels from locking & keep your driving experience safer. This ABS system majorly uses in modern cars, trucks, buses & other vehicles. Also, the anti-lock brake system pumping automatically with the car braking system if a sudden stoppage occurs due to any reason.

Our Company deals with the advanced version of (ABS) anti braking system which highly used in various types of vehicles. Also, the advanced technology braking system for car manage the dynamic contact with the surface. That product improves the controlling of car & reduce the priority of collision on all surfaces such as dry or slippery surface. Apart from that, we are using an advanced version of electronic stability control, traction control system, and electronic brake-force distribution which offers highly advanced safety features along with control & stability.

According to the global analysis, more than 1.3 million lost their lives in road accidents every year. So the advanced car controlling system such as ABS in automobiles reduces the chances of road accidents.


The working function of ABS in car

ABS system in a car is commonly known as an electronic stability control system. This vehicle control system does the monitoring of car wheels during the heavy brakes. The advanced & intelligent sensors detect when the car wheels lock or don’t move, the sensor will automatically release the brake for a while.

This Anti braking system for wheels continuously applies optimum braking power to each wheel & observes that wheels will not lock. At the time of activation of the anti-lock braking system, in the brake paddle, you feel a pulsation. So mainly ABS will help to control the car rather than stopping it.

Also, we can say the working function of ABS in vehicles is very important from the car braking point of view. If you are driving an older car or car with a fault in ABS, your car braking system not work in a proper way & are not able to apply the brake & releasing simultaneously.

Anti-lock braking system (ABS) for sale

With the various factors of safety, growth in demand, and technological advantages in automative industrial sectors, we getcarsnow offering the ABS system for all brands of cars. All the range of anti braking system design with the highly advanced technology according to the requirement of vehicles.

Here get an inquiry on our best-selling ABS for cars & other heavy vehicles.

Product specification

Product name ABS for car
Brand availability BMW, Audi, Jeep, and other
Material Stainless steel
Control panel Yes
Bend No
Stopwatch No
Elbow No
Gate valve No
Manufacturing with Latest technology
Min order quantity 1

The average cost of anti-lock brakes

In this modern time, almost all the automotive comes with an anti braking system in car. A few peoples also think that ABS technology is new & launched very recently. But this anti-lock braking system uses in the aircraft to provide stabilization at the time of landing. There are very rare chances of failure of the anti-braking system. Because ABS is not a primary function it will engage only after the normal braking function. Also, without the ABS system, the car won’t have the transaction control system which most car drivers expect in modern generation vehicles.

The maintenance cost of the anti-braking system is also very low. Because when you get problems in the anti-lock braking system, this will not occur due to the entire product failure. A few parts may be failed which is easy to replace. The average cost of the anti-brake system for the car manufacture after 1993 is between $1000 to $1500.

Also, based on the specific component of ABS the anti-lock brake system price may be lower. But it is very important to purchase an anti-brake system only with the registered or trusted seller. A trusted mechanic or distributor will not replace the entire system if only one component is failed.

Pros & cons of an anti-lock brake

If any product comes with a number of benefits there are also a few of the disadvantages that come with that. Same thing you can see with the anti-lock braking system. The ABS system for cars comes with a number of features along with a few disadvantages. Here get a list of various pros & cons of ABS for cars & other vehicles.

Pros of Anti braking system (ABS)

Cons of Anti-lock braking system (ABS)

Why choose our service

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